Below you will find answers to all of your questions. If your question isn’t listed below, please email us or contact our team on +39 349 791 3885.

Is the gallery open only in the afternoon?

No, it is also open all day on Saturday and in the morning by appointment.

Are the art works by established artists provided together with the Authenticity Certificate?

Yes, the art works by established artists are sold as such because they have been officially recognized by the artistic world, so they are always accompanied by the Authenticity Certificate.

Can I buy online / from distance?

Sure, you contact the gallery via email / phone / social networks and together you will find an agreement about the price, payment and delivery. We are completely available!

Does the gallery take care of the shipment of the art works to the customer?

Yes, unless you prefer to organize the shipment on your own, we take care of the shipment to the customer. The shipment is organized in every detail by the gallery, including the necessary insurances.

Is it possible to ship to Italy and abroad?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Just let us know the delivery place and we will have you covered.

I am an artist, and I would like to present my works in the gallery. Is it possible? Is there an insurance covering the works during the exhibition?

Yes, please contact us to organize the exhibition. The art works present in the gallery are covered by an insurance that directly pays the values to the owner / the artist. All the details are shared with the artist / owner during the agreement phase.

I own some art works and I would like to sell. Is this possible?

Yes, contact the gallery and we will organize an evaluation of the proposed pieces to understand if we are interested.

Wanna Quick Support?

We are always here to help the needy peoples any where in the universe please send us your problematic questions.